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September 22, 2020


Yesterday, I ran the Newport Liberty Half Marathon (as a blogger partner — thank you so much for the free bib!) for the fourth time. It was my slowest time running it yet. It was probably the most grateful I’ve been to run and finish it yet. If I’m being completely honest, grief killed any motivation I had for training this summer. Some days, it was a […]

April 19, 2020

Breakfast Obsessions

So really quick, this morning’s workout, and then on to a fun recipe: Workout I mistakingly did not set an alarm today, because usually, I (by that I mean, the dogs) are up before 6 a.m. Today, I accidentally pretended that I didn’t hear them so that Steven would get up and let them out, and then I accidentally slept until 6:30 am! At that […]

April 19, 2020


Well, Susan is going to turn me into a machine. That’s all. But really. We started going over some select PAP Level 1 exercises prescribed by Dr. Strecker. These exercises would NOT be impressive in a weight room. Honestly, it looks like you’re doing absolutely nothing. Except that in reality, what you’re doing is SO EPICLY DIFFICULT internally, you can barely breathe and you can […]

April 19, 2020


I had an entire blog post written. A long one. It took me 30 minutes. It just got deleted. This is all you get now. #ihatetechnology (I ran 20 miles today in 2:40:50 averaging 8:03mm pace. Huge thanks to Angie for leaving me wonderful treats in her mailbox. Huge thanks to God for making sure I didn’t get arrested for a federal offense by “tampering” […]

April 19, 2020

Electronics keep turning on me.

Today is day 8 of the 130-mile challenge. 80 miles down, 50 to go. This feels kind of like a home stretch, but man am I tired. MAYBE the exhaustion has something to do with the fact that my Keurig crapped out on me again and I’ve been without coffee for like a week now. It’s miserable. I’ve been chugging a diet Coke every morning […]

April 19, 2020

Beauty Products

I am beyond obsessed with this hairspray, and for good reason! This spray is pricy but well worth it. I can put my hair in a top-knot, spray it down, and literally wear it through a full day, a full night, and a morning run without it so much as MOVING. Solid. Especially for when you’re feeling a little bit more on the lazy side. […]

April 19, 2020

Food & Wine

Products: PB2Apple Cider VinegarShirataki Tofu Noodles Recipes: Kim’s Tomato Salad

April 18, 2020


In-Store Shopping: Lebanon is about 45 minutes west of Cookeville and the outlet mall there is one of my FAVORITE places to go for a quick shopping trip. There’s actually NO MALL in Cookeville sooooo… let’s not even talk about that… Steven’s mom and I are frequent flyers at the outlet mall, and some of my favorite outlet stores are the Nike Clearance Outlet, Anne […]

April 18, 2020


My primary excuse for not blogging for literally, over a week. But, there were some other reasons/factors as well. Shall we recap? (I’ll try to keep in brief and interesting) Saturday (Oct. 4) Winchester Marathon = UGH. Long story short, I made a last-minute decision to run this marathon. The weekend before, I laid down 30 miles in two days, the weekend before that, 40 […]

April 18, 2020


2012 Music City Marathon – 3:32:45 (BQ) Overall: 154 out of 3925 Division: 11 out of 443 Gender: 31 out of 1800 2013 Boston Marathon – 3:26:12 (BQ) Overall 7417 out of A MILLION (or like, 35,000) 2014 Cummins Falls Marathon – 3:27 :55 (BQ) Overall: 8 out of 69 Gender: 1 out of 17 – My first taste of first place. If I ever had a chance to […]