Category: PMP Runs

April 19, 2020

Two Days Out.

Hey there friends – happy Hump Day, the back half of the week is upon us! Workout This morning’s workout was semi-hard and basically a last-ditch effort to try and get comfortable cruising at my goal marathon pace, 7:00-7:10mm. Mile 1 (warm-up) – 8:46Mile 2 – 7:08Mile 3 – 7:07Mile 4 – 7:04Mile 5 – 7:01Mile 6 – 6:59 I will go ahead and say […]

April 19, 2020

Expect the Unexpected and Brazil.

TGIF guys, I am definitely ready for the weekend. Workout Today was an off day, but yesterday I had a decent run: Mile 1 – 8:16Mile 2 – 7:09Mile 3 – 7:10Mile 4 – 7:02Mile 5 – 7:06Mile 6 – 7:06Mile 7 – 8:03Mile 7.5 – 6:37mm pace Total Time – 55:23Avg. Pace – 7:21mm Once again, just trying to get some PMP segments in! […]

April 19, 2020

A Weekly/Monthly Update…

Hey guys, hope everyone’s doing great. It’s been about 10 days since I posted, so I figured it was time to catch everyone up on life in general. A big topic of conversation this month has been “monthly miles.” When you spend enough time around the people I run with, you basically have no choice but to set some sort of crazy goal for yourself […]