April 16, 2020

Supporting Actors

By admin

This guy. What can we say about the man-friend? I certainly would not be blogging, training, or living the life that I currently do if it were not for SAB. I’m a big fan of his, and he is definitely a Marathon Super-Fan. His support of my habits means the world to me, and he has done everything under the sun to accommodate my running. He’s also one of the many (many) coaches in my life. Our lives are literally saturated with coaches. It’s fine. He’s an offensive coordinator and I could not be prouder of his accomplishments as a college football coach. Our jobs make for a crazy life, but it’s one that not many people are lucky enough to experience.

Steven and I both enjoy living in Cookeville and have experienced outstanding personal and professional opportunities since we each moved here. Steven is not a Cookeville native either, but his father did grow up here and we are lucky to have the support of his Mom and Dad, who currently also live in town.

Sissy (Kristen)

I was lucky enough to have grown up with this little princess a cool four years behind me. Supposedly I was the role model, but let’s be real — now that we’re both “adults,” she is definitely the cooler cucumber. I’ve never met such a level-headed, collected young woman who is as carefree and positive as my sister. Sissy graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in 2013 but has since discovered a passion for personal training and nutrition. She lives in Pennsylvania right now, but I hope that her next career move brings us closer together again.

Jim and Kim

In case you missed my first blog post, let me tell you a little bit about Jim and Kim. For starters, how great is it that their names rhyme? I know, right? Seriously great. Secondly — they are the best set of parents anyone could ask for. Sometimes I exaggerate things and get a little dramatic, but this, my friends, is not me being a drama queen. This is me telling you that my parents are my best friends. And it is awesome.

I can’t even explain the support that my family provides me. It goes without saying that we will always, always be supportive of one another 150%. We genuinely enjoy spending time together and have been known to sit around the table with a few glasses of wine for hours on end, just talking. I know that not everyone has this type of family atmosphere, and that’s ok. But it’s what I have and what I grew up with, and I couldn’t be prouder of my family.

Phish and Layla

I love these two little puppies maybe more than I love any human being on the face of the planet. I got Phisher in the fall of 2010, shortly about six months after I moved to Tennessee. He was just 8 weeks old, but I had a feeling he was going to be massive.

I have no words to explain the amount of joy that this pup has brought in to my life. When I moved to New Mexico in 2011, Phish was the only living thing I had to keep me company when I was so far away from my family, friends, and Steven. He was my little protector and gave me lots of love when I was feeling down. He’s a champion in the car and was a great passenger on all of the long drives between Tennessee and New Mexico. Layla is Steven’s pup, and she’s about the same age as Phish even though he got her much later on in her life. Both Phish and Layla were rescuing, but we have a feeling that Layla was on her last leg when Steven took the plunge and brought her home from the shelter. Layla was six months old at the time, and when they took her goofy self out of her kennel, she was very well behaved and even knew how to “sit” on command. Well, she must have known that it was her last shot because once she was in her forever home, her true colors came out!

Layla is energetic, vocal, and a slobbery crazy hot mess! She is always bouncing around from place to place, climbing all over people, burrowing under the covers, and licking your face. We’re not quite sure if she’s got a completely functional brain, but she is the most lovable dog that I know and is a HUGE snuggler. All she wants to do is be cuddled and loved on.

Even if the love comes from Kitty-Baby.

Kitty-Baby used to be named Eva. We got her when she was just about six weeks old at the end of August, 2013. Kitty-Baby was meant to be an outside cat, but she was TEENY TINY when we got her, so Steven felt really really bad about leaving her on the screened-in porch. Next thing I knew, she was sleeping in the bed and I was scooping crap out of a litter box. Not.cool.

Additionally, we found out around October that our “she” kitty was actually a “he” kitty — and that just turned my world upside down. I loved the name Eva, so for awhile we just kept calling her Eva. We couldn’t think of anything else, so it stuck. And then eventually Eva started to look less and less like an Eva, so we just started calling it “Kitty”. And THEN I developed this habit that the cat loves (and by loves, I mean absolutely can’t stand) of scooping the cat up like a baby and rocking it back and forth really really fast. Kitty-Baby.

Angie, Jeremiah, and Mike (the other three of the Core Four)