April 19, 2020

Beauty Products

By admin

I am beyond obsessed with this hairspray, and for good reason! This spray is pricy but well worth it. I can put my hair in a top-knot, spray it down, and literally wear it through a full day, a full night, and a morning run without it so much as MOVING. Solid. Especially for when you’re feeling a little bit more on the lazy side.

I talked about the mascara that changed my life, so it’s only fitting that it makes an appearance on the Favorite Beauty Product page. This product from Younique is naturally based and consists of a transfer gel, and natural extensions make from green tea leaves. It claims to give you 300% more volume than normal mascara, and I totally believe that. I’ll never go back to normal mascara ever!

If you’re interested in trying this product, please consider ordering it through my friend Courtney’s website! www.youniqueproducts.com/courtneydecarr Thanks!

I have literally been trying to grow my hair out for YEARS. I have tried every trick in the book and somehow, it never grows past a certain length. I’ve used Biotin, pre-natal vitamins, the works. Nothing.

Then I heard about this product from Julie’s blog and I had to try it. It’s actually called “For Hair That Won’t Grow Past a Certain Length” and it is magical! I ordered it online from Ulta and I think it’s just amazing. You put a good bit of it into your hair after shampooing and leave it for five minutes before rinsing it out. It smells amazing and I really think it works! My hair is finally starting to get longer and stronger, which is a huge plus.