April 19, 2020

Return to normalcy and a departure from the norm.

By admin

What a title right? Some things are going back to normal, and some are just departing in the best possible way!

So first things first — SIGNING DAY! Congratulations to my honey Steven and his fellow coaches for recruiting and signing a TON of new guys to our football program! The #BirdGang looks promising next year and I am so so happy for them.

In all honesty, though, I’m happier to have my boyfriend back. The first Wednesday in February is like a second Christmas for me. It marks the return to normalcy in every football coaching relationship. Finally, finally, a free weekend. Because since July, Steven has not had a weekend office save Christmas vacation. Crazy? I think so.

I always like to bring the guys some treats to the office on Signing Day. Not that they don’t already have a pretty epic spread of food, but one thing about football coaches is that they never turn down (and always appreciate!) free food. Word on the street was that the Mexican dip was a huge hit. They didn’t quite make it to the cupcakes (read: they had an EPIC spread of food) so now Steven gets all of those to himself.

Obviously Signing Day is a cause for celebration. I always take Thursday and Friday of this week off so that Steven and I can have a long weekend together. Although we elected to save some money and not go anywhere this year, I still took the days off and worked remotely so that we could relax and have some time together. Anyways, the celebration started off with a happy hour with some of the other coaches.

Steven is not good at selfies.

So sometimes I have to help him.

So yes, a return to normalcy.

In a complete DEPARTURE from the norm, I did my 10-mile workout this morning with 4 miles inserted at a faster pace. My RX range was 6:30-7:00 but I wanted to stay at or below a 6:40mm pace. I’ve done 4-mile tempos at this pace before, and remember feeling (the first time I did it) like I was fixing to die.

Today was a complete departure from the norm. My splits were 6:39, 6:39, 6:35 and 6:29 annnnnnnd – I was aerobic the whole time. Like I could breathe easily and talk and whatever I wanted to do, for all four miles. I mean, I’m just pumped about my running right now. I think Coach Smoot is pretty pumped too. I emailed him my feedback, and he started talking about the need to increase the paces for some of my workouts, and to insert some more races into my plan. The closing to his email was “Your confidence must be pretty high” — which to me is something, coming from a man who has coached people to the Olympic Marathon Trials. What I am confident about is that his plan seems to be working. Even when I’m fatigued (and admittedly, slightly dehydrated from the Signing Day celebrations) I’m able to execute my workouts solidly. I cannot wait to see what’s next. I’m tapping into the potential that I didn’t know I had, and it’s a really exciting time for me!

In random news, this is an actual text message that occurred between me and Steven:

Ummmm so Steven is obsessed with Frozen. He’s watched it like, 14 times since our first viewing circa 3 weeks ago. We are at the point where he knows all of the lyrics to “Let it Go” and belts them out with extreme gusto. Not that this is saying much for me, but I came across a carrot yesterday that resembled Olaf’s nose. I told Steven that “Olaf lost his nose” and in true form, he referenced the part of the movie where Sven the reindeer ate Olaf’s nose, but promptly spit it back out into Olaf’s face.

Obviously I didn’t give it back to Olaf. I ate it because I run a lot, and I need fuel. And I was not taking pictures while driving. I was at a stoplight.

Ok, so the plan for this weekend is to get some spring cleaning and such done around the house. Steven’s man-cave needs whipping into shape (that’s a blog post in its own right) so we’re heading to Big Lots right now to look at some potential furniture options.

Hope y’all have a great night!