April 19, 2020

Instructions for kicking off Super Bowl Sunday.

By admin


I kid, I kid — although strictly speaking, I am not opposed to kicking off any holiday/special event with a mimosa…

But really:

1. Run 10 miles at 5 a.m.

2. Take a Body Pump class with Lorie.

That’s it.

Okay okay — I’ll elaborate!

So, strictly speaking, today was supposed to be my “off day” BUT — I have to work this afternoon anyway, so really it wouldn’t have been an off day at all. Also, it is Super Bowl Sunday and I plan on eating at least some chips and salsa this evening. So, I flipped my workout for tomorrow to today (and added 3 miles…. whoops….). I think it’s a good decision though. I’m not sorry. I haven’t cheated on my coaching plan AT ALL for the ENTIRE MONTH.

But I digress. This morning I met the group for a 5 a.m. run. USUALLY, I sleep in on Sundays, but running 10 miles is more fun with other people. I also found out that Lorie Ann was teaching Body Pump at 7 a.m. and since flipping my workout today would include a lift, I decided (literally within .2 seconds of finding out) that I would take her class in place of my S&C today. Also a good decision, but I’ll get to that momentarily…

First and foremost though, it was 47 DEGREES THIS MORNING. FORTY-SEVEN! I literally (not kidding, LITERALLY) jumped out of my car at the Y this morning and threw my arms into the air in triumph, exclaiming “FORTY-SEVEN DEGREEEEEEEESS!!!!!!” Quite the departure from 26 degrees yesterday. I swear I felt like a new person.

There were a bunch of stout runners out there this morning and even though I REALLY needed to be closer to an 8:30mm pace, I couldn’t help it. I mean if you’re gonna cheat, cheat big am I right? Right.

The group today was Angie, Mike, Luke, Kirby, Travis, Jeremiah, and Lynn. Lynn is the one who introduced me to my new coach, so I owe him a great deal. He’s working with Coach Smoot right now too and is doing some outstanding things in his races these days. I haven’t seen Lynn in awhile and it was good to catch up on the separate strategies that Coach put together for us.

Today’s 10 miles actually gave me 73 (and a half) miles this week, which is technically my highest mileage week ever. So that’s exciting. We finished just after 6:30 a.m. and I headed straight to The Burn for Lorie’s class.

I’ve blogged about The Burn before, when Kim and I took a Barre class back in June (please note the spelling of “Barre” <– this is definitely a departure from the traditional “bar” that I’m more familiar with…). If I thought Barre was hard, it was nothing to Body Pump!

No, but seriously, Lorie was great. We run together often, so she knows my level of dedication to the sport and us really good about giving me weights that were heavier than what I usually do, but manageable. Her class hits every major muscle group, but I totally forgot already the order that we went in. Anyways, we did the following:

– Lower Body/Legs (glutes/quads/hammies etc.) with squats and lunges

– Upper Body/Arms (shoulders/biceps/triceps etc.) with cleans/presses, curls, rows, pumps, push-ups

– Abs with leg lifts, crunches, moving planks, etc

I wish I could be more precise about the workout but honestly, I was just focusing on the movements and the choreography. Body Pump is all choreographed to music, which makes it more fun and easier to keep up with your counts.

I probably lifted heavier than I should have, but since I’m taking tomorrow off, I figured I would be ok. Lorie recommended that I pop some Ibuprofen and drink lots of water to flush out the lactic acid. If you live in the Cookeville area, I would totally recommend getting over to The Burn to take a class. They have a ton of options and the two classes that I’ve taken so far have been great. You can make your reservations here, and your first class is free!

Ok, now it’s time to shower and get ready for work. Who’s everyone cheering for this evening?! I’ll tell ya what bandwagon I’ve been on for the past two years……


I love Russell Wilson. Also, I hate Tom Brady and the Patriots in general. I was actually pulling for Green Bay all year, but I’ll take the Seahawks if I’ve gotta!

Ok everyone, have fun and MORE IMPORTANTLY, SAFE, Super Bowl Sunday!