April 19, 2020

All I Can Think About Is The Speedwork.

By admin

Guys seriously, I can’t believe it’s 6:30 p.m. right now. I literally remember ALL things that happened before 6:30 a.m., and I’m sure to remember all things that happen this evening, but all things in between are simply a blur right now.

So let’s talk about the BEFORE 6:30 a.m. stuff.


SPEED WORK. Crazy, crazy speed work. So proud to have nailed it!

RX: 3-mile warm-up, 6-mile w/o (workout), 3 mile cool down. 12-mile day in total.

W/O: 5 min. on, hard/1 min. off, easy (repeat)

Let me tell ya — five minutes is a LONG time. One minute is NOT a long time. I was incredibly lucky to have Jeremiah on one side of me this morning and Steven’s cousin Carrie on the other side of me, to get me through this workout.

My “on” pace was 6:18mm pace and my “off” pace was 9:15mm pace. Initially, I didn’t think it would be too crazy hard, but then I remembered (somewhere around the third rep) that I haven’t had a day off since January 2. While I don’t FEEL fatigued, I know my legs are tired.

The entire six miles ended up being almost 7 full reps of the on/off cycle, and on the fifth and sixth reps, I thought I could possibly start crying. Planet Fitness’ finest graveyard (11 p.m. – 7 a.m.) employee, Tucker, was kind enough to talk me and Jeremiah through the final sets — me because I was about to die, and Jeremiah because he has run WAY more miles than I have over the past 17 days, also with no rest.

We finished the 6 miles in less than 40 minutes (which is pretty awesome in and of itself) and the entire 12-mile run took about 1:33:11, which at one point, was a good 10-mile day for me. Crazy how improvement works, yeah?

Anyways, I was pumped to report this to Coach Smoot. I was very detailed in my feedback, and he basically confirmed that yup, my feelings of love/hate/fear/pain/agony/illness/nausea/angst/pride/bad-a$$ness during this workout were in fact confirmation of the workout going as intended. Well played, Todd.

Basically, once again I am training myself to perform and execute on very little rest — both in general (i.e., no days off) and in between sets (i.e., 60 measly seconds sandwiched between 5-minute reps of hard running). In fact, Coach Smoot even closed out his email by saying “Well done. No naps.” HAH. He and I are going to get along really well. Because I suck at napping. I shall nap when I am dead.

Ok, so today work was just ridiculously insane. After such an outstanding workout this morning, I definitely deserved to eat. A lot. Did I get to eat lunch today? NO. I did not. I worked through it. The next thing I knew, it was 4:30, and I came home to do MORE work (first day of spring semester class tomorrow!) and finally COLLAPSED backward onto the couch at 6:30, vowing mentally that sweatpants were in my immediate future. WHICH, they were. As was a glass of red wine. Hey, maybe I WON’T remember all things that will happen this evening……

…. I KID, I kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have an 8-mile recovery run tomorrow. Nothing will stop my train of awesome.

Steven is gone recruiting again, so the only men in my life tonight are Phish, Kitty-Baby, and Chris Soules (The Bachelor, #swoon). And, spoiler alert, Jimmy Kimmel crashed the party! I’m dying of laughter.

Mmmmmmkkkkaaayyyybye, I have to concentrate on this show! Sleep tight y’all!