April 18, 2020

That Girl Who Runs

By admin

Hi everyone! I’m beyond thrilled that you’ve found my blog and hope that you’re entertained by the glimpses into my crazy life that it provides. My name is Kate Nicewicz (I know, I know… its a tough one…) and I’m a 27-year-old writer, new blogger, and business professional living in Cookeville. TN. I work full time as a project manager in the marketing industry and am also a graduate student working on my Masters in Business Administration.

Also, I run. Like, a lot. I run miles for me, and if you want, I’ll run miles for you too. I run enough miles for everyone I know to not have to run ever again. ALL miles. I run them. People always ask if I’ve always been a runner. Well, first they ask “Are you that girl who runs _________ (fill in the blank with things like “every morning?” “all the time?” “all those miles?” etc.). But then they usually ask “Have you ALWAYS been a runner?” Usually, I say “No, I played soccer from age five, through my first year of college… So actually, yes. Yes, I have always run” (because soccer players run, a lot). However, I really only started running long distances after I stopped playing soccer, at the end of my freshman year of college. Though the habit was sporadic at times through college, I developed an affinity for longer distances. Continual running over the course of several years allowed me to build up to a point where I could comfortably and easily run 10 or more miles on a daily basis!

I ran my first marathon in April of 2012 in Nashville, TN. My goal was to finish. As the race got closer, I began to feel, during my training runs, like I could come in under four hours. I won’t get into the gory details (you can read my race recaps here) but three hours and 32 minutes later, I was literally stunned to realize that not only had I shattered my four-hour mark, but also qualified for the Boston Marathon. I think that when you qualify for Boston (even when it’s on accident) you’re supposed to go. So, that was my next endeavor. The rest is history in that, I’m pretty sure I’ve developed an addiction to running, endorphins, and all else associated with the sport.

I just finished my sixth full marathon, and have qualified for the Boston Marathon in all six races, as well as the New York City Marathon in my most recent race. My times and placements keep getting better and better, and I have been feeling for a while that if I invested in formal coaching, I could really unleash some untapped potential on some unsuspecting racers in the future. I recently joined the Pursuit Athletic Performance team, based out of Old Saybrook, MA, and am working one-on-one with a coach to get stronger and faster and pursue my dream of becoming a sponsored, competitive endurance runner. Talk about seriously living the dream, right?!

So basically, this blog is meant to give you all a glimpse into the life of an avid runner. The plan is to update it daily, with a huge focus being on my daily health and fitness regimens. Expect running workouts, strength and core exercises, some recipes and other random info. You’ll also be privy to the random musings and goings-on in the life of a twenty-something, her football-coaching man-friend, her two humongous puppies, and a kitty-baby.