April 19, 2020

Electronics keep turning on me.

By admin

Today is day 8 of the 130-mile challenge. 80 miles down, 50 to go. This feels kind of like a home stretch, but man am I tired.

MAYBE the exhaustion has something to do with the fact that my Keurig crapped out on me again and I’ve been without coffee for like a week now. It’s miserable. I’ve been chugging a diet Coke every morning before my runs, but it’s not the same. I don’t even really love diet Coke. Boo Keurig.

I’m leaving for Brazil in six days. SIX. THERE IS STILL TOO MUCH TO DO. SEND ALL THE HELP!

I still need an oil change and my car detailed before the trip to New York, plus I need to pack both bags, get my nails done, refill a prescription, gather all of the Christmas gifts — AH! Also, I have not put a Christmas tree up yet. WAH.

Steven is gone recruiting again and I’m so tired I can’t even think. Plus I’m soooooo freaking hungry, and I just ate my body weight in spaghetti squash. I’m blogging from the iPad again so I’m probably going to cut it short! Just a few more things though…

I reached out to a coach in Valdosta, GA today on the recommendation of my friend Lynn. Here’s the rundown (pun sort of intended):

Todd has a marathon PR of 2:21:03 and coached his wife Alice to the Olympic Trials twice, with her marathon PR being 2:44:15. Lynn says he used Todd a few years back and got really fit, so I’m hoping that he’s got some affordable rates and that he might be interested in working with me. It’s exciting! I am hoping to get back into serious training after the first of the year.

I swear I had one other thing to say… But I guess I forgot.

Oh! I need book recommendations. I finished Kara’s book while I was running today and I’m sad it’s over. That’s the sign of a really good book. But I need more! For the treadmill, and the plane ride to Brazil! Leave comments por favor.

night night.