April 19, 2020

Disparaging Weather and Baby Phish.

By admin

It’s days like today in Cookeville that send me scurrying into the abyss of depression (aka. under all the covers pigging out on meringues from Kroger).

Those suckers right there. Yup. Pure sugary deliciousness. The only thing I want during the month of January, or on days like today when it’s technically 55 degrees, but it feels like 45 degrees and it’s gray and misting all day. UGH.


One of the (very few) good things about starting a workout at 4:30 a.m. is that it’s too dark to even realize if it’s going to be a gray/rainy/misty day. Plus you expect it to be cold, so it doesn’t wreak so much havoc on you mentally. Today, I sure was thankful I got mine out of the way before the sun came up.

Mile 1 – 8:19
Mile 2 – 7:44
Mile 3 – 7:45
Mile 4  – 7:48
Mile 5 – 7:16
Mile 6 – 7:07
Mile 7 – 7:25
Mile 8 – 7:50
Mile 9 – 7:45

Total Time – 1:09:03
Average Pace – 7:40mm

Once again, I am all about some faster-paced miles and getting some longer distances in. I read this article today about the benefit of negative split runs. The quote from Regina Jacobs really stuck with me.

Negative Reinforcement

Running negative splits is a highly effective training and racing strategy.

“I also finish every run fast, even if it’s only for the last 100 meters. This is a constant reminder to my legs of what they have to do in a race.”

That’s good advice that everyone who races can use. Run at top racing pace every day, even if only for a short distance.

I really think I’m going to try to start hitting my PMP pace during every single run. As the article said, even if it’s just for a very short distance, it will get my legs used to going that speed every day. That way, it won’t be such a shock to them every time I it into race gear.

On a less serious note, I also read THIS article, which I feel is absolutely the epitome of my life at present:

48 Signs You’ve Hit Your Late 20s, Are Completely Ancient And Love It

Ah, the hilarity and truthfulness of it all.

I am starting to get nervous that Phish has whacked his head one too many times. Lately, he’s been doing this thing where he just jumps up randomly, stands directly in front of me (or over the top of me, if I’m laying down) stares me square in the eye like we’re having a staring contest, and just does this weird whining thing. Sometimes if I pet him he quits. But there’s never anything in particular that he wants, except obviously some attention. This dog, I’m telling you.

Speaking of Phish though, how about some pictures of baby Phish to close out tonight’s blog:

Baby Phishy. I can’t believe he’s 4 years old and like 80-90 pounds huge now.