April 19, 2020

Titan’s Tailgate

By admin

Sunday Funday consisted of a trip to the Titan’s game for an MBA and Engineering Alumni tailgate! Seriously though, how great is my job? I get to do the coolest stuff.

Who doesn’t have time for a selfie at LP Field?

The tailgate was great — the staff at LP actually prepared a lunch buffet for us that was set up just inside the entrance. Titans cheerleaders and the mascot was there, and we had a great turnout of alumni.

One of the best things to come out of the Tailgate was getting to meet some fellow Delta Gammas! I absolutely had no idea that our Director of Alumni Relations, Tracy, was a DG, and she introduced me to a few sisters from her chapter here at TTU. Kathy (all the way to the left) was actually a FOUNDING MEMBER of the TTU chapter.

In full disclosure, I haven’t been super involved as a DG since I graduated from UR. I haven’t been back to campus for Meliora Weekend or anything like that and after moving to Tennessee, I lost touch with the majority of my sisters. I haven’t found an alumni group in Tennessee and therefore haven’t been all that involved with the TTU chapter, either. But now that I’ve met some great women who can connect me with the chapter, I’m looking forward to becoming more involved!

(Tracy and I at the game)

Tell me the Nashville skyline isn’t absolutely stunning in the background of LP Field.

So, a plus was that the Titans WON the game yesterday! Unfortunately, this isn’t a common occurrence, so that was pretty exciting. I left after the third quarter so that I missed the traffic leaving downtown, and got back to Cookeville around 4 p.m. just in time for the second round of football games. Early morning. Long day. Late night. I really need to start sleeeeeeeeepingggggggg.

Today I took the day off from running. Work was pretty low-key because it’s Fall Break for the kiddos and the campus was basically dead. It’s so weird when no one is around, but the plus side is, of course, the abundance of parking.

I’m catching up on Gray’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder tonight, and looking forward to getting to bed early. Have a good one!