April 19, 2020

A re-building morning.

By admin

Re-building of my confidence, that is.

This morning, I finally pushed through a run that actually gave my (self-inflicted) bruised ego a bit of a boost.


Yesterday I ran 20, so I was originally planning just an easy 10 today. But last night Jeremiah mentioned that he might want to try for a few miles at marathon pace because he’s running the Winchester Marathon next weekend. So, obviously I said yes.

Our goal marathon pace for Hunstville in December is between 7:00 and 7:10. My PR average is 7:11mm pace (which I ran at Loonies) so anything in the 7:00-7:10 range is the “safe zone” for my next race.

We decided on 10 miles total, with 8 PMP miles inserted:

Mile 1 (warm-up) – 8:32
Mile 2 – 7:02
Mile 3 – 6:59
Mile 4 – 7:06
Mile 5 – 6:55
Mile 6 – 7:06
Mile 7 – 7:01
Mile 8 – 6:59
Mile 9 – 6:58
Mile 10 (cool down) – 8:05

Total Time – 1:12:49
Average Pace (including warm-up and cool down) – 7:16mm

Huge confidence builder to be able to do this on extremely fatigued legs. 20 miles yesterday was no picnic. I felt like with a nice flat course, and properly rested legs, I could hold this pace for a good long time. Also, at some point, I feel like I am going to address the fact that my body might one day stop accepting wine as a viable form of hydration on the weekends. But for now, I figure that Jesus turned water into wine so there must be some similar hydration properties, amiright? I’m quite sure I’m on to something there.

Ok so yesterday I planned to blog about why I run long on Saturdays instead of Sundays, considering my group tends to run long on Sundays. Several reasons, many of which are interrelated:

  • I don’t like leaving my long run until the last day of my running week. Since I tally my miles Monday-Sunday, Sunday is actually the final day of my week. It leaves no room for “long-run error”. Sometimes, life happens and you have to opt-out. If you opt-out on a Saturday long run, you have Sunday to compensate. If you opt-out on Sunday — you’re week is doomed.
  • I like Sunday’s to be optional. It’s a scientific fact – it’s a lot easier to wake up and do something when you don’t HAVE to. I like to have all of my required miles for the week so that whatever I run on Sunday is a bonus. It’s a lot easier to wake up at 4:00 a.m. for bonus miles than it is for something that’s “required”
  • Saturdays are for football, tailgating, cookouts and weekend getaways. There is a good chance that on any given Saturday throughout the year, I will be partaking in some beverages of the alcoholic variety. Running long on those days helps reduce the caloric damage of Saturday shenanigans and doesn’t leave me feeling like I have unfinished business on the week. In short, I don’t like having to perform at my best on Sundays.
  • I work on Sundays. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like running 20 miles before a day of spending 7-8 hours on my feet. Granted, sometimes I do! BUT sometimes, I just want to be able to take it easy on a workday.
  • Races are on Saturdays. I mean, this is just a given — following a 12-16 week training plan for a Saturday marathon is a lot easier and less confusing if you just run long on Saturday every week. Makes sense right? Right.

Ok, I think that’s all I’ve got in me for now. It’s time for a nap. Enjoy your Sunday!