April 19, 2020

I Love This Town.

By admin

Once again, the kindness of the people who live in my amazing town never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday, I was contacted on Facebook by yet another fellow runner in Cookeville:

“I hear you’re looking for a dedicated running group. You just found it.”

This amazing squadron of runners meets at 5 a.m. just about every morning at the local YMCA to run together. Sometimes, nearly 10 miles a day! Talk about my speed of training! And literally, they are at my speed of training! Today, we did a solid 15-mile run in less than 2 hours — it worked out to be about 7:45 mm pace!

The great thing about these people is that they are so willing to accommodate any new runner! Usually, they do their long runs on Sundays but they graciously changed their routine today to accommodate my long run Saturday. Originally they had only planned about 8-10 miles, and one woman had even planned to take today off! But we got to run, and before we knew it, we were all finishing 15 miles! I felt so lucky to have met these people and especially lucky that they had reached out to me, never having met before, to invite me to join them this morning. Talk about good people.

Anyways, that was the workout for this morning. I feel great about it. But I have to blog and dash this morning because it’s Graduation Day! There’s a ton of amazing seniors graduating college this morning, but one in particular that I need to go and support. I’ve been a tutor for the past three semesters and I have never known a harder working student than the one I’m about to watch graduate. He is an inspiration.

After that, we’re headed to Lebanon to celebrate an early Mother’s Day with Steven’s family. Catch ya later, have a great Saturday!