April 19, 2020


By admin

Well, Susan is going to turn me into a machine. That’s all.

But really. We started going over some select PAP Level 1 exercises prescribed by Dr. Strecker. These exercises would NOT be impressive in a weight room. Honestly, it looks like you’re doing absolutely nothing. Except that in reality, what you’re doing is SO EPICLY DIFFICULT internally, you can barely breathe and you can feel yourself start to actively perspire.

One of the movements – the Abdominal Brace Marching – had me using this crazy Stabilizer device:

The core burn was so good that I immediately purchased one. Duh. I need these things, obviously. There were also several varieties of planks and a few resistance band movements.

Susan stressed the importance of MASTERING each of these movements. The most difficult part about them is that they need to be done PERFECTLY, consistently. While some of the movements might not seem that difficult if you do them half-way, to do them perfectly, every single time, takes concentration and a HUGE amount of physical effort for each movement. At one point when I was going through a sequence, Susan and I both burst out laughing because I was trying to carry on a conversation, and completely botching the exercise. She was like “I don’t think you can do these and talk at the same time…” Well, put, Coach.

At any rate, I am so psyched to have some movements to be working on this next week. I KNOW that they are going to build so much strength in me, and they’re just the Level 1 exercises. I can’t wait to see the progress that I make after doing them on a regular basis.

Also, I rocked some pretty cute workout clothes for my first sesh.

I know you can’t see them well, but these are two of my favorite workout pieces. The shorts are Nike Rival running shorts. They’re light, with a drawstring waist and lining. Also, my favorite feature is a horizontal zipper pocket in the back. It’s perfect for carrying random small items (gum, salts, fruit leather, etc.) when you’re running long distances. They’re pretty expensive retail, but I have about four pairs that I got at the Lebanon Outlet Mall for $11.99=$14.99 each. Such a steal.

I don’t know the actual name of the top, but it’s also Nike and it’s a light dry-fit racerback. I bought mine a size up (M) because I prefer looser-fitting tops, and this one is just perfect. I also got it at the Nike Clearance Outlet in Lebanon.

I’ve got some functional videos to watch now before I get to sleep. Hoping for a 15-mile run early tomorrow morning so, we’ll see how that goes. Fingers crossed for no rain! Night night!