April 19, 2020

First Session with Coach!

By admin

I am SO excited, tonight is my first session with my coach, Susan! All of my Virtual Gait Analysis (VGA) material FINALLY went through properly, and I heard from Dr. Strecker and Coach Al yesterday that my full analysis should be done within a week. Once they’ve finished with the analysis on their end, we’ll schedule a Skype call to discuss the results. I.can.not.wait.

Both Susan and I are super excited to start working together though, so she invited me to meet today to go over the Level 1 strength exercises that I’ll be doing. She mentioned that starting at the beginning would give her a good idea of where I’m currently at and will give us something to work on until my VGA is finished. Starting at the beginning sounded outstanding to me because I haven’t done any significant strength training in at least, three years. One time, last year, I completed two rounds of a circuit workout that was supposedly supposed to burn 500 calories. Well, let me tell ya, I don’t even think that two rounds of that sucker burned 100 calories, let alone 500. But what it DID do was leave me in extreme pain for like, four days following. No joke, I had no idea that bodyweight squats, and crunches, and high knees, could completely debilitate me. Needless to say, I was humbled.

Luckily, Susan also mentioned that the type of strength training that we’ll be doing will likely be different from what I’ve done in the past. She says that it will be “very ‘inside’ and core oriented” which is totally fine by me. Bring on the six-pack abs, amiright?!

Anyways, I’m pretty pumped to get started.


I didn’t update last night, but I rounded out yesterday with a quick 3 miles after work to get my full 10 on the day. I ran a pretty casual 5m this morning in 43 minutes, which is slower than I’d like. To be honest though, I had an awful night’s sleep last night. For whatever reason, my entire lower body was aching ALL night. From my lower back and hips, all the way down to my ankles, I was totally sore. I don’t know if my body is screaming for relief after three consecutive 20+ mile Saturdays, but whatever is going on is pretty inconvenient. I’m hoping to hit the ice bath this afternoon before I meet Susan.

I’ll get back at you all later this evening with a recap of how my first session went! And stay tuned — next on the docket for the blog in the near future are some recaps of my past races!

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