April 19, 2020

Breakfast Obsessions

By admin

So really quick, this morning’s workout, and then on to a fun recipe:


I mistakingly did not set an alarm today, because usually, I (by that I mean, the dogs) are up before 6 a.m. Today, I accidentally pretended that I didn’t hear them so that Steven would get up and let them out, and then I accidentally slept until 6:30 am!

At that point, I knew that if I was going to eat breakfast and do my morning stuff (emails, etc.) I would only have about an hour to work out before I would HAVE to leave for work. I knew I could get 7 easy miles in that hour, so that’s exactly what I did. Nothing super strenuous, but enough to get my blood flowing.

Breakfast Obsession:

I am guilty of many things. Running a lot of miles, obviously. Biting off more than I can chew? Potentially. Buying more clothes than I need? Duh. Obsessing over one breakfast in particular and eating it every day for the rest of eternity? Well. Let’s talk about that one for a second.

I LOVE breakfast. I don’t know what it is about that first meal of the day, but I am absolutely worthless until I have something for breakfast. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee, I just need to have something to kick start my body into “functioning”. (Aside: I never thought I would be the type of person who needs a cup of coffee to start the day. Well, I’m here to tell ya, I have spent an unreasonable amount time wishing that the Keurig would brew faster than it already does. #FirstWorldPains, right?)

But I digress. The actual “meal” portion of breakfast. For the past three years (THREE YEARS?! Three years.) I have eaten homemade apple and cinnamon oatmeal every.single.morning for breakfast. I used to make a single serving every morning before work, but then I started to make batches of it and store them in Tostitos jars in the fridge for the week. I actually prefer cold oatmeal to warm. Of course, there were the (rare) occasions where I tried something new for breakfast, or when we were out of town and I didn’t have oatmeal readily available, but for the most part — oatmeal it was.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a recipe for Meatless Oatmeal. It was a Paleo-approved recipe, and although I am not (I repeat, AM NOT) Paleo, I felt like the recipe was worth trying. It does cut out some carbs and I felt like, if it could keep me full, we might have a winner.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a WINNER. Meatless Oatmeal has a similar appearance to regular oatmeal, but a pretty different texture. I also haven’t tried it cold, but I really enjoy it warm. Recipe below:

(Paleo) Oatless Oatmeal


1 – 1 and 1/2 bananas

3/4 cup of egg whites (I use liquid whites or Egg Beaters because my Mom yells at me for wasting food if I throw out the yolks…)

1/2 cup almond milk (I use unsweetened vanilla)

2 tbsp cinnamon (divided)

1 cup sliced strawberries

Sweetener of choice

Chia seeds (optional)


Slice up the bananas and throw them into your Ninja, Vitamix, blender… whatever it is that you use to pulverize things. Add the egg whites, almond milk, and about a tablespoon (give or take) of cinnamon. You can also add the sweetener here, but I add it to the top at the end. Also, the chia seeds, but I’ve never used them and can’t vouch for the outcome, though I would imagine they might make it more gelatinous. Liquify.

Coat the bottom of a (nonstick) pot with coconut oil or LOTS of cooking spray and add the blended mixture. Turn on medium-high heat and stir as it cooks. Soon, the eggs will start to fluff up and it will take on something of the appearance of oatmeal. NOTE: By soon, I mean you do NOT want to walk away from the stove while this is cooking. Like, you don’t want to try and unload/reload the dishwasher (even if you’re attempting to set a world record) or start playing with the dog or cat. Just stir the stuff in the pot. No multi-tasking. You’ll thank me later.

When the potting mixture is cooked, dump it all into a bowl and top with sliced strawberries and more cinnamon. Devour. (Carefully, because it’s hot).

I absolutely love this recipe and anticipate eating it on a regular basis until I’m about 30. That just seems to be how I roll. We’ll see. At any rate, it keeps me feel for workouts even up to 20 miles. Winner winner chicken dinner.

*Recipe adapted from this one on Tina Haupert’s blog, Carrot’s n Cake*