April 19, 2020

Virtual Gait Analysis

By admin

Ok blog friends — let’s talk about the “first steps” (pun completely intended) that I’ve needed to take this week in order to start developing a relationship with my new running coach, and to identify the technical aspects of my run that I need to work on. Enter: the Virtual Gait Analysis.

First, a clarification. My new coach is local, however, our team, and the coaching company that we “belong to,” is based out of Old Saybrook, Massachusetts. Pursuit Athletic Performance has an amazing Fast Lab on-site in MA, which they use to conduct gait analyses for both team members and non-members looking to identify issues with stride and step. My coach and I discussed the gait analysis and were both in agreement that it is definitely the best place to start with my formal training.

Since I’m not able to travel to Massachusetts at the present time, I opted for the Virtual Gait Analysis package, which is done completely via the internet, Skype, etc. It’s an awesome option for someone who is not near the Fast Lab facility (ahem, me…) but still wants to take advantage of the expertise that they have up there in MA.

So, I proceeded to begin collecting all of the information that I needed to get my analysis started. Health intake form, goal sheet…. about a million photos of myself.

No lie, it might have been the most awkward experience I’ve ever shared with basically, just myself. The Gait Analysis involves uploading several photos and videos of yourself performing a variety of athletic movements so that they can basically analyze your posture and gait by way of the internet. Sounds cool, right? PHOTOSHOOT! I will add that you are required to wear just a sports bra, and a pair of compression shorts or tri-shorts so that your entire body can be analyzed while you move.

Basically I waiting until everyone left the office, and I used our green screen studio to set up a camera and shoot pictures. It was a LITTLE difficult having to snap pictures of myself with a little hand-held camera clicker, without being able to see the quality of the pictures on the other end. I ended up soliciting Steven’s help, and he agreed to help me finish shooting the photos, with the obvious provision being that he got to laugh at me when I had to do awkward stuff. I will not bore you all with those photos. So great, we get the pictures done, and we’re good to go right?!


There are VIDEOS that need to be uploaded too! Lunges, pushups, single-leg squats, single-leg jumps, running on a treadmill — rear view, side view, comfortable pace, fast pace, barefoot, with sneakers, etc. etc. etc. Talk about THOROUGH! I am actually still working on getting all of the images and footage uploaded and shared with the team back in MA. I’ve been working on it all night and unfortunately had to miss Westside Wednesday because of it. Alas, perhaps next week.

I’m taking my computer to bed to monitor the rest of the progress on these files from there! Have a great night!