April 18, 2020


By admin
In-Store Shopping:

Lebanon is about 45 minutes west of Cookeville and the outlet mall there is one of my FAVORITE places to go for a quick shopping trip. There’s actually NO MALL in Cookeville sooooo… let’s not even talk about that… Steven’s mom and I are frequent flyers at the outlet mall, and some of my favorite outlet stores are the Nike Clearance Outlet, Anne Taylor Loft, Ralph Lauren Polo, Gap, the Loft, and Dressbarn.

Click here to link to the full list of stores at the outlet mall.

Luxe is a cute little boutique that I didn’t discover until Cookeville Round 2 (what I call the era after New Mexico). It’s locally owned, but there’s also a store in Chattanooga as well. They have really unique clothes, and most of the time I love what I find there. It does typically run a bit small on me, and the prices are kind of high, but the sales are phenomenal and I’ve frequently gotten several pieces marked down 70-80%. Anytime I have a semi-formal occasion or just need a cute outfit for a special occasion, I head to Luke to see what they have in stock.

Online Shopping:

Literally the most amazing (and only) online styling site that I know of! The company sends you pieces selected specifically for you based on your completed style profile, and your Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest pages. Five items come in each fix, and the fixes might include anything from pants to dresses to shoes to jewelry to purses and clutches. It’s a complete surprise every time you open one!

The cost is a $20 styling fee for your Fix to be sent to your door. Then, you’re free to try on all of the pieces in your own home, and decide what you want to keep, and what you want to return. A pre-paid mailing bag is included for your convenience, so all you have to do is drop the pieces that you don’t want into the bag, seal it and drop it at the post office. Your $20 styling fee goes toward anything that you wish to purchase (ex. if you want to keep a shirt that costs $30, it will really only cost $10 because you’ve already paid your $20 styling fee).

If you’re thinking about trying StitchFix, please consider using the following referral link: StitchFix Referral from Kate! It will help support my high-maintenance, Cadillac-taste habits on my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich salary! Thanks