April 19, 2020

Send ALL the Help.

By admin

I Can’t Believe October is Basically Half Over.


Fall Break is over, which means we’re halfway through October, which means it’s practically Thanksgiving and I have no idea what I’m getting anyone for Christmas, and I am freaking out about how I will not be sleeping in my own bed basically from December 12 – December 27.



Well, we essentially had tornados for all of last night and into this morning, and when I let the dogs out at 4 a.m. it was definitely monsoon-ing. I already knew that we weren’t going to be running outside, so my options were to bum entry into the Y with Mike and Angie, hop on my own treadmill, or put off my run until the end of the day.

I opted for the latter. I am not ready for the treadmill yet. I had faith that the rain was going to clear out. Luckily I was right! I actually ran on my lunch break though:

I’ve been trying to get comfortable “cruising” at 7:00-7:10mm pace, so I’ve been inserting a lot of PMP segments into my runs. Today, I intended to do 6 miles with 4 at PMP pace, but after nailing the first two miles at a consistent pace, my goal quickly switched from PMP pace to sub-7 pace. Ah well. What can you do?
Mile 1 (warm-up) – 8:07
Mile 2 – 6:52
Mile 3 – 6:52
Mile 4 – 6:45
Mile 5 – 6:55
Mile 6 – 8:38

In total, I ran 6.25 miles in about 46 minutes. My average pace including the WU and CD was 7:24mm. Not awful. Now if I could only hold on to those paces for a significant amount of time. Then I’d be on to something.

So, I’m pretty obsessed with Lauryn Evarts’ blog “The Skinny Confidential” — I mean, this woman is just glamorous personified and it’s not fair. She recently used her blog as a basis to write her book, The Skinny Confidential and packs it (the blog, and the book) with tips on healthy living, fashion, and wellness in general. She’s also a little edgy, and while I try to keep my blog tame when it comes to language, those who know me know that I can certainly appreciate the effect a well-directed expletive from time to time.

Plus she’s gorgeous. So there’s that. #girlcrush

See her “About” page, below:

If I ever have hair like that, I will die of shock and awe before I even get to appreciate it. True story. Help my poor hair.

One of the best things about Lauryn’s blog is that she splashes it with gorgeous photos of her donning trendy outfits. Many of them are also a bit edgy, which I can once again appreciate because my black and white world is either fashionably conservative, or edgy. I have a tough time with moderation/gray areas in general, so I guess whatever fashion sense I have is no exception. But the BEST best thing is that AFTER she makes you jealous of her digs, she actually posts links that lead you directly to websites where you can copy the look. Seriously, instead of being a big huge brat and refusing to share her style secrets, she has opened them up to the blogiverse. Thanks, girl.

It’s actually thanks to her that I procured this number, which I’m planning to wear at least four times, every day in Brazil.

Obsessed with maxis + Obsessed with white (when I have a tan) + Obsessed with my newfound ability to budget = Obsessed with this dress.

ON SALE for $23.20 from Nasty Gal. What? WHAT?! Ok. I bought it.

Unfortunately, this is the ONLY article of clothing that I’m currently SURE that I’m bringing to Brazil… So there’s that… I have zero clues about what to pack… I am leaving in 60 days… I need to lose 5 pounds… Once again — SEND HELP.

So I stumbled upon this article today:

7 Wines to Pair with Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Welp, my well-thought-out plan to lose five pounds was just thwarted. I mean, come ON:

6. Nestle Crunch and 2012 Dashe Late Harvest Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley ($24):

Sweet raspberry and strawberry flavors really bring out the crunchy milk chocolate goodness.

Send help, please.

AND, does anyone else care that it’s Harry Potter week? No? Just me?

Fine. Whatever. Let’s just say I’m doing research for the day when I finally get to teach an ethics course based completely on the HP series. Gif credit


Have a great night!